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Value for our Guests

We place a high value on value every person who travels with us, and we do our best to provide a high quality experience for our guests. As a general rule we do not charge more than a resort or liveaboard's published rates. Nevertheless, we add value to our trips by: Providing expedited immigration services, when possible; paying for up to 10 kg extra (on most trips) of overweight on Indonesian domestic flights, when the airlines allow 20 kg; checking you in for domestic flights and paying the airport taxes; and, perhaps, most importantly, helping our guests avoid sticker shock at the end of a lovely dive vacation.

We know that dive trips on premium boats like the ones we book are expensive. And, the last thing we want you to have to think about is yet another bill after the diving is done. That's why we do our best to include all of the significant extras, such as nitrox, park fees and, when possible, fuel surcharges. How do we do that? Well, because we usually can negotiate with most dive operations, we try to get their best all-inclusive rates. In the end we usually make a little less so you will take home a little more. And, that's not just cash, it's memories.

We also do our best to take care of you before and after the actual diving part of the trip. That's why we have partnered with Kerri and Herg of Got Muck. They are starting a new business in Bali that will make it even easier for our groups to be handled with extra care and attention, no matter where we travel in Indonesia. For all of us, your personal satisfaction is our primary goal. It comes before our own photography, our own fun, and our own comfort.

"Stop Taking Pictures and Start Creating Images"

This seminar focuses on the creative side of underwater photography. Turn your vacation pictures into dynamic records of your underwater experience! For mixed groups with non-photographers, we offer presentations about marine life, destination shows, and individual photo instruction on request.

A few recent testimonials:

"My husband, Mickey Rosenau, and I have known Maurine and Burt for several years, but the November 2010 trip to Raja Ampat was a 'dream trip', and our first opportunity to dive with them. At this point in our lives, we prefer a small group, a top notch boat, lots of attention from eagle-eyed guides, great food, and as much comfort as is available. Damai offers all of this, and Maurine and Burt are far and away the best dive tour leaders we have had the pleasure to be with. I would like to be an ichthyologist in another life, so I would name my wish list and Maurine and Burt would magically arrange dive sites where these wonders would appear. The guides on Damai are terrific, there is one for every 2 or 3 guests, and they rotate among the groups, so everyone gets to experience each guide's style and unique talents. Maurine and Burt make certain everything goes perfectly and are constantly trying to address whatever new need or desire pops up. They arranged the dives so that there is maximum comfort and choice for all guests - ranging from placid lee sites to currents - coral reefs and muck diving. Plus, they keep diver safety a top consideration at all times. While I am not an underwater photographer, I sat in on Burt's course to learn the fundamentals of better picture-taking, and learned a lot, which helps me to admire other's photos as well as to look differently at the underwater life. The experienced photographers on the trip gained a lot as well - Burt is a terrific teacher! Both Maurine and Burt are very relaxed, down to earth folks, who have endless patience and superb ability to help in identifications. It is also inspiring to see their photo shows and videos, whether you want to take pictures or not. We can't wait for the next trip!"
Ellen R. Gritz, Ph.D.

"This was my first trip to Indonesia and every resource I looked at was clear - if you want as trouble-free an adventure as possible, you need to hook up with people who really were experts in all things Indonesia. My research pointed me to Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock of Secret Sea Visions and I could not have been happier. They made every aspect of the trip a breeze and even given the remoteness of the location, it was the easiest and most enjoyable trip I ever had. They handled all of the complicated logistics flawlessly and prepped us well for our adventure. Their knowledge of the diving in Raja Ampat is incredible and really maximized our diving experience. Their detailed drawings of the dive sites and how to best give them, the intimate knowledge of the diversity of life in the region, as well as tips on maximizing marine life interaction was incredible. They are outstanding and highly creative photographers and really opened up my eyes beyond just better mechanics for taking pictures, but what it takes to create outstanding images. The quality of everyone's photography improved dramatically during the trip and the knowledge I gained will be invaluable in the future. Burt and Maurine are genuinely nice people who really enjoy meeting others and love to share their passion for the underwater world. You can sense the thrill they get exposing us to some of the best diving in the world - we will definitely be going on other adventures with them."
John David Johnston

"I recently returned from Indonesia's Raja Ampat. I joined Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock aboard the Dive Damai for 10 wonderful days of diving and learning. It is difficult in a short writing to convey the many great experiences.
Burt and Maurine attended to every detail beginning with coming and going, making our travel uneventful. Their knowledge of the Indonesian system helped us avoid hassle and missed flights. They truly took the worry out of the travel.
On board, we were briefed about the dive operations and were offered a good understanding of what to expect on every dive. The most remarkable part of the trip was their ability to analyze our underwater photographic skills, or lack thereof, and make appropriate suggestions to improve and build our body of knowledge. The evidence of improvement can be seen in my images from day 1 to day 10. Both Burt and Maurine have excellent communication skills. Combined with a keen understanding of the problems we face as underwater photographers, it is easy to understand why they are so effective. The "value added" portion included saving my camera equipment from a flood, listening to experiences over their long careers, and the daily informative critiquing of my images.
If you are in the market for world class diving, exponentially stepping up the quality of your images while meeting an interesting group of serious divers and photographers, you need look no further than Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock. They certainly have not seen the last of me.
Highly recommended by,"
Dr. Jeffery W. Johnston PADI Master Instructor #38991

"My husband, brother-in-law and I traveled to Raja Ampat with Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock of Secret Sea Visions and had a spectacular trip. They made travel to the remote destination simple and effortless. Our boat was comfortable, diving was easy, food was magnificent and staff was professional, capable and enjoyable. Diving with Maurine and Burt was a total delight. Because they provided detailed drawings of each dive site with a strategy on how to get the most out of the dive, based on their deep and specific knowledge of each site's conditions and marine life, the diving was incredible--the best dive adventure of my life! Throughout the trip Burt conducted several outstanding courses on underwater photography and my husband and brother-in-law were able to enjoy dramatic improvements in their already excellent underwater photography skills. Half the people on our trip had traveled with Burt and Maurine in the past. We will go out of our way to go on another adventure with them, too."
Pamela Thompson

New! 2016 Trips

If you thought all the great diving is in Indonesia, believe us that there are many, many other superlative tropical reef destinations around the world. So, for 2016, we've decided the time is right for a return to our other favorite Pacific destinations. You won't believe how much fun you'll have diving with us in Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands: May 3-17 and May 17-31, 2016.

The Solomon Islands: Where we began our professional diving careers over 25 years ago, and the diving is better than ever! We're leading two back-to-back 14-night trips aboard the Bilikiki in the Solomon Islands so we'll have ample opportunity to dive all of our favorite spots plus new ones we haven't photographed yet.
Check out Stephen Frink's article from his recent Bilikiki charter. No doubt the Solomons are better than ever!
$7980 in a double cabin including all fees, taxes, and nitrox for each trip.

Spectacular Fiji - 3 days of shark diving and 7 nights aboard Naia: September 23-October 4, 2016 and October 4-15, 2016.

On these exciting trips to Fiji you'll dive with at least eight species of sharks plus spend a memorable week diving aboard the Naia, one of the world's premier liveaboards. Fiji has soft corals that you'll see nowhere else plus abundant reef fish and protected big animals that swarm over colorful reefs. Check out Steve Fish's recent video of Fiji's incredible shark action!
$6500 in a twin share cabin aboard Naia or a twin share room for the land-based portion of this trip. Includes all fees, transfers, three days of shark diving, 7 nights aboard Naia, your hotel rooms and most meals while land-based.

2015 Trips with Secret Sea Visions


April 21 - May 2, 2015: East of Flores, Maumere-Maumere, aboard Arenui.

Led by Burt with Kerri and Herg. Remote and little traveled, the islands east of Flores are one of Indonesia's top dive destinations. There are fish-filled walls to hover over, critter sites to muck around in, and some of the most stunning scenery in the entire Indonesian archipelago to photograph topside. We love this route and believe it has some of the most remarkable diving diversity in Indonesia: great critter life and wonderful, clear water drop offs. Join us on the boat that many consider the top choice in Indonesia. Arenui employs fantastic dive guides, excellent chefs and its cruise directors are renowned thorough out the industry.
11 nights, $6200/person in a double occupancy cabin, including nitrox, park fees, fuel surcharges. Master cabin supplement $250/person.

May 4 - 17, 2015: Komodo in Depth, Maumere to Labuan Bajo, aboard Arenui.

Led by Burt with Kerri and Herg. Everyone says they never have enough dive days in Komodo. We agree! Since we first discovered Cannibal Rock in 1992, we have returned to Komodo over and over again. Mantas? Check! Weird critters? Check! Stunning reef scenics? Check! Great land tours and the opportunity to see endangered species? Check! Thirteen nights won't be enough to cover this unique marine area, where you'll dive 2 oceans (the Pacific and the Indian) in the same trip.
13 nights, $7150 in a double occupancy cabin, including nitrox, fuel surcharges, park fees. Master cabin supplement $300/person.

Super Special Eastern Indonesia and Forgotten Islands Adventure aboard Pindito. 17 nights each leg. Sorong-Saumlaki, 17 nights, October 26-November 11, 2015 and Saumlaki-Ambon, 17 nights, November 17-December 4, 2015.

We're listening! You want longer trips! We have negotiated two incredible departures for people who really want to visit the Forgotten Islands and also see more of either the Banda Sea or southern Raja and Triton Bay. On Pindito, our #1 choice for an exploratory liveaboard, we'll dive a few of our favorites, but expect to discover so many more. Join us as we navigate some of the richest and least known reefs in eastern Indonesia.
$8415 in a shared cabin. A limited number of single cabins are available for each departure. Price on request. All prices include all fees and nitrox.

Please contact us for more details on these exciting new trips.